Limited period offer till stocks last

Limited period offer till stocks last

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Reverse Umbrella

2016 C Type Reverse Umbrella Double Layer Rain Women parasol Paraguas Men Umbrella Sunny Windproof Parapluie Handfree Umbrella

Reverse Umbrella cloth: Pongee
Color: Red/Yellow/Blue……an so on
Weight: about 650 g (manual measuring, a slight error, in kind prevail)
Diameter: About 112cm
Specification: S/ML55CM * 8k aluminum bone
SPF (UPF) : UPF > 40, and T (UVA) < 5%
Of all the umbrella fabric Pongee is recognized as the best fabrics absorb ultraviolet light effect, can reach UV50 + professional indicators
The ultraviolet light shade effect is as high as 99.99%!



Product features:

1. reverse inclusion, wet umbrella fold within, different from the conventional umbrella

2. hands free type c curved handle, comfort to prevent hand

3. can be as creative gifts parents, family, friends, colleagues, lovers


Jitter before opening umbrella, umbrella open nature, so as to avoid the broken umbrella is awry

Package: 1 x C-shape Free Handle Umbrella

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