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We recommend our portable sofa

Item name: Portable Inflatable Sofa Single Sleeping Lazy Air Bag Camping Waterproof

MOQ: 1PC, 10PCS, 100PCS, 500PCS, 1000PCS, 10000PCS

[Product Material]: PE bag + polyester 190T fabric, soft texture, feel thin, pull inelastic.
[Features]:open the pocket straight trot can be filled with 80% of the air a few steps, then roll up the seal, then the seal can be locked with a snap, fast and convenient.
[Product weight]:finished main body plus backpack total weight of about: 1KG
[Use of feelings]:lying down to feel very soft, very good comfort, outdoor recreation, travel necessary.
[Suitable places]:suitable for home, party, grass, beach, cement, marble, ground, cobbled ground, relatively flat ground
[Features]: 1. Fast inflatable, without any electric and manual, pedal inflatable auxiliary facilities, magical in a few seconds to complete the inflatable and storage.
2. The use of leak-proof gas material, can withstand the pressure of 200kg, while sewing technology, so that the whole material as a whole.
3. Environmental protection, non-azo, lead and other substances harmful to the human body. Wear-resistant, high tear strength, the German import coating, high temperature, not melting, not aging, not more vulnerable to low temperature embrittlement cracking.
4. Waterproof, antifouling treatment, easy to clean.
5. Portable, do not have to be deflated after admission, do not take up space.

6. No need inflate, just run towards the wind, it will blow up in seconds.











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